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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My cancellation letter to DirecTV


I have searched in vain through all of the account options you offer online, and the one I've not encountered is to end all service. I have come to the decision that paying for dozens of sports channels that I never watch, home shopping channels, family channels, other niche channels, all unwatched, is not worth the cost of your package deals and regular irritating sales calls offering premium packages that I consistently do not want, but keep getting annoying telemarketing offers for regardless.

So, enough is enough. I'd rather continue my life without subscription television than hear constant lobbying to the government saying that people like me are demanding to pay for hundreds of channels of which they only watch a few. My life's busy enough without the constant nagging of "But with this monthly special, you could pay for more channels you don't watch!"

So, please, is there a cancellation option on your website, or do I need to navigate your telephone customer service?

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