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Monday, May 05, 2008

Stop for a moment, would you?

Maybe you read this article, you probably didn't. Well, I didn't, anyhow. Not then.

But I've met some of the people mentioned, such as his father, Marcus.

I've met his mother. I've met his sisters and his brother.

I've met Danny twice now.

You can say whatever you want regarding your opposition to stem cell research or air your moral objections however you feel. That's the way this country operates. Freedom of speech still lives.

But there is a boy, that should be laughing, playing, having fun, charming anyone that meets him the way I heard he used to. It gave him back that, at least for a time.

There is a boy that doesn't get headlines anymore because perhaps the novelty has worn off from the public spectacle, there is a boy that deserves a better life than what we know how to offer.

Ultimately, there is a life of unfulfilled potential.

But at the very least, you've heard of him now. You can harden your heart as you see fit, but if you feel compelled towards venomous words regarding the approach, aim 'em at me, and not a family that's got more than enough troubling them.


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